Girl Gets defiled A Second Time After Police Used Her As Bait To Catch Her Defiler

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A r*pe victim was defiled twice after she was used by police in a botched sting operation. Police in India, are under investigation after a 17-year-old r*pe victim was defiled a second time, during a botched undercover operation. The first incident occurred when the teenager’s phone was stolen in Jalna, Maharashtra, and she was lured into a wooded area by 2 men who said they would return it.

However, they did not return the phone, and defiled her at knifepoint. The men recorded the r*pe. The men then called the victim’s mother and demanded money for her release. Despite being blackmailed, the brave teenager reported the incident to the police. Police responded by setting up a sting operation to catch the defilers. They set up a meeting between the men and the teenager for the following day.

However, in the first of two failed sting operations, Police followed the suspects too closely and the men never approached the girl. On the third day, the police tried again, but this time with tragic results.
A miscommunication led to the girl being defiled a second time by the suspects.

Police said that the girl left the location to meet the suspects without telling them. The girl said that she thought that officers were following her in a police car, police said. “The girl was put through the injustice again. It is wrong to use a victim, especially a minor victim, as bait,” said Inspector General Vishwas Patil.

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