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Karrueche reacts to Chris Brown’s friend sendingdeath threat to Marques Houston

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Not only did Chris Brown’s friend threaten Marques
Houston for complimenting and flirting with
Karrueche on instagram, Chris Brown also made a
comment on the photo on Baller Alert’s page, telling
Marques to go home. Now, according to TMZ,
Karrueche has since responded and she’s over Chris
Brown’s possessiveness and hypocritical behaviour.
Kae’s reaction after the cut.

From TMZ
Karrueche is done with Chris Brown’s possessiveness
and his henchman’s violent threats … and she’s firing

Chris’ ex is responding to a threat made by a
member of Chris’ posse … a threat directed at
Marques Houston, who gave thumbs up to the pic
she posted of her amazing body.
The threat was in the form of a photo of 2 guns, with
the caption, “Ni**as sho no how to disrespect, I don’t
care if they not still together.”
Karrueche thinks it’s time for Chris, and any of his
friends, to get over it — “I’m bored and tried of this
situation. I don’t get it because I’m single.”
She adds, “I thought we have all matured and moved
on. Especially since Chris has been seen with multiple
women since the breakup. I don’t want anything to do
with any type of violence or negativity.”
Karrueche tells us she and Marques are just friends,
nothing more. The two of them just finished filming a
movie together. Chris has been radio silent since the
threat was posted.

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