Plane Propeller Rips Through Roof In Upstate New York

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A plane propeller ripped through the roof of a home in upstate New York on Thursday after it fell off a single-engine plane flying over the Montgomery County village. Police said no one was hurt in the incident. The owners of the home on Green Acres Lane were not home at the time. UPI reports:

According to the Daily Gazette, the pilot of the aircraft had “enough altitude and speed to glide into the pilot’s nearby private landing strip without incident.” Though he did not identify who was flying the plane, State Police Senior Investigator Jeffrey Ullman said no one was charged. The Federal Aviation Administration, who was notified of the event, will join state police in an official investigation.

Ullman said that the most important thing was that no one was injured. “This was an older plane, but it was a pretty good size propeller. So everyone was very lucky.”

It was reported the plane was experiencing engine trouble while in flight. When the propeller collided into the home, Ullman said that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department swept the area for rubble from the aircraft, but nothing turned up.

“As they started to clear out another call came in that a house had sustained some damage from a propeller,” he said. “It went right through the roof and into the attic area, causing some damage to the walls. He was fortunate that it didn’t damage his plane when it came off.”

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