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Singer, Beautiful Nubia Reveals He May Run For Governor In The Next Elections

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Contemporary Folk singer, Segun Akinlolu, popularly known as Beautiful Nubia, has expressed his desire to go into politics. In an interview with The Nation, the “Eji Owuro” singer revealed he will most likely run for Governor in the next elections.

According to him, he doesn’t like the idea of politics, but he’s a big supporter of nation building.

“You will probably see me there in the next elections, trying to do something, to be governor of some state or something.”

“I am working on it because I don’t believe in just talking for the sake of talking,” he stated.

The 48-year-old singer also revealed that he would like to spend just four years during his tenure, and has no plans to cut off his dreadlocks if he eventually wins.

“We vote for the guy who has nice posters because the other one doesn’t have money to make all the billboards.”

“I keep saying it even in my music, that when our people are ready for change, they will start looking beyond the surface and see the true human being.”

“I am not going to cut my hair because of anything, and you have to see the substance in the man,” he responded.

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