SHOCKING VIDEO: Cow Refuses to Die After Its Neck Had Been Cut

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In this very shocking and bizarre footage, a man has captured the moment a cow refused to die, got up and began to walk away after it’s neck was cut.

A very strange video has surfaced online showing a cow that refused to die even after its neck had been cut. The cow is seen repeatedly standing up and walking with a deep cut on it neck as people try to butcher it. The helpless animal repeatedly fought for its life before giving up.

Many have condemned the footage as sickening and horrific, while describing it as animal torture. Some have replied to the video with the following comments.

“Strange but Its going thru hell of pains right there…its better for the cow to die than this its passing thru! Poor cow” a social media user commented on post after watching the video. 

“Wow a cow with nine lives no wonder Indians worship it” another added.

“This is really very disturbing for me. Poor cow. What torture! Probably telling itself there that it can survive this”,

“Just be strong pal, you’ll get through this”. another person submitted.

The origin of the video is yet unknown but the clip has gone viral online with huge condemnation coming the way of the people who put the animal through such torture.



Watch Video Below:- 

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